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Style Capsule Classic Soft Styles

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Classic but soft styles. Casually Elegant.

The Uniform: Black pants/capris and black shell, with neutral or water colored shirts or cardigans.

For warmer weather use short over long, color, and texture to create balance. Your eye is naturally looking for balance seeking a way to find symmetry to make sense out of forms. In art you “achieve this balance by placing elements of combined equal visual weight on either side of the optical center.” For clothing you rely on your body type to create balance through proportion, color, and texture.

Work with what you have. The fundamental component of a balanced silhouette for Spring/Summer this year is boxy paired with lean. This can be done in a variety of ways.

  • For the person with no hips long cami is great layering piece.
  • Elongate: black camisole as the foundation piece, conceals where you need it minimizes bust
  • Day Break Tunic, belt key for customization
  • New Angle Poncho, asymmetrical over basic and long camisole will narrow down the hips size down to create a smoothing effect.
  • How do you dress for warm weather and not show your arms? Layers. Soft feminine look.
  • 3rd piece gives you the finished look..we’ll talk about this more later
  • If you are going to layer it can not be overpowering you still need to look feminine and sleek
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