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Style Capsule-Snappy Casual For Weekends

Style Goals: To appear young and stylish, never want to have the old lady look. 
To have fun with fashion that's not extremely over the top. 

Transitioning from structured to casual. 

Result: Snappy casual for weekends

Recommendations: Focus on providing tops that are fun to wear that give your wardrobe an updated infusion. I have provided some foundation wear recommendations as well as lightweight layers that can help give you the head-to-toe look you are looking for. This selection will include looks that can help you express your creativity while staying somewhat in the lines of fashion in the very conservative part of the south.

Key Styles:

The Statement Top: Let your top be the star of your outfit. I have carefully selected architectural pieces to compliment your style and frame.
Tip: Having the right foundation piece allows your top to be the star. Find the perfect fit for you pants by ordering two sizes. Utilize of free return shipping to your best fit.

The Shirt that Acts like a Jacket: Sometimes a lightweight button down shirt is the perfect solution to a lightweight jacket. This is especially true when you are traveling. Why we love it? By adding a long sleeve button down shirt such as the New Attitude Shirt you can add an infusion of seasonal color. Try wearing this style over a tank top and leaving it open for a relaxed and pulled together look.

Chic Layers: Think of these as your best friend when you leave the house. They add polish to your look without adding too much heat. They are what take your look from being good to great!

For Consideration: More architectural bottoms. I think this should be something to think about. Tops and dresses are an easier place to start. Funkier bottoms can be paired with tops in a tone-on-tone look to create a clean and polished, design oriented look. This is much less casual and something to keep in mind as you begin to explore the looks that Stella and other designers offer.

Top Style Picks:

Style To Spare Jacket

Attitude Is Everything Tunic

Free Spirit Wrap

Printed Attitude Is Everything Tunic

Works Every Time Sweater

Artful Tank

Defining Moment Ankle Pants

Pick Me Up Top

Fascination Cardigan

Til Tomorrow Top

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