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jtest wholesale natural lux

is made from wood pulp. It is biodegradable, recyclable,
and naturally wrinkle-free. It's breathable and naturally
helps the body manage moisture and temperature. The closed
loop production process represents a great accomplishment
in cellulosic fiber technology, making Tencel eco-

This fabric technology creates garments with super stretch
that are comfortable to wear and retain their shape and
fit over time.

Boiled wool is created by first knitting wool fibers into
a fabric of uniform thickness, then "boiled" and agitated
in hot water and suds which shrinks the fabric without the
use of chemicals. The result is a tighter, denser
material. Wool that has been boiled is thought to be
warmer, more durable, and windproof.

is a natural fiber spun by the mulberry silkworm that has
been woven into a luxury fabric since 2900 BC. The fibers
are gently unraveled from the larva's cocoon and wound
together to create silk threads and then raw silk yarn.

is a legacy fiber valued for its strength, durability, and
softness, and gets softer with each wash. It holds its
shape and prevents garments from stretching out or
becoming distorted, is breathable, and naturally mold and
mildew resistant. Hemp is one of the most ecologically
friendly fibers in the world, requiring no pesticides,
herbicides or fertilizers, and very little water to grow.

is soft, smooth, drapes and breathes well, and is very
absorbent. Made from the wood pulp of beechwood trees, it
is a natural and sustainable resource that self-propagates
without the need for irrigation or planting.

Ponte knits are made from rayon, nylon and spandex. It is
a tightly knitted fabric that has both stretch and hold.
Ponte does not fade, is incredibly comfortable, can be
worn during any season and is perfect for travel.

is a special blend using Cupro, a regenerated cellulose
fiber like Tencel and Rayon. Cupro breathes like cotton
fabrics, drapes beautifully, and feels silky soft on your

is soft, breathable, and easy to care for. It is Cotton
grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides,
synthetic fertilizers, or genetic engineering. Cotton
grown organically improves soil quality, and often uses
less water than conventionally grown Cotton.

This water resistant Cotton/Nylon/Metal Twill fabric is
lightweight, sculptural, and surprisingly soft. The
natural Cotton fibers are combined with reflective steel
filament fibers resulting in a modern fabric with a subtle
satin luster.

is a strong, luxurious fiber that feels great against the
skin. A product of nature, Linen is one of the most
natural and ecologically friendly fibers in the world, a
renewable resource where every part of the flax plant is

is a supercharged insulator that is also hypoallergenic
and naturally soft. Cultivation is carbon neutral and the
fiber itself is 100% biodegradable.

is the ultra-fine, downy fiber known for its silky finish,
superb softness, and outstanding insulating ability. The
softest of these hairs are combed out, separated and spun
into extremely lightweight, soft and luxurious yarns.

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