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Denise Kazan

This profile is the continuation of a series on the real women who wear Stella. Read below to find out more about Denise: who she is, what inspires her, what's her style, and how she feels about Stella. If you love Stella and want to share your statement, let us know at!

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Gotta Getaway Tunic

Making Waves Tunic & Slimming Ankle Pants

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Now or Never Jacket & Day After Day Dress

Gotta Getaway Tunic & Fresh Take Tunic (sold out)

Meet Denise

I’m 55 years old and I’ve lived a full and eventful life. I’ve had lots of experiences, good and bad, up and down. Because of them, I’ve gained strength and resilience, and I have a great joy and appreciation for life. We as human beings have all had challenges and trials we’ve had to come through; no one is unique to that. It’s relative, with some more challenging than others. But, you can come through a lot, reinvent yourself, and have a life you didn’t think you could have.

I am really proud of my 20+ years working as a therapist in a field with very traumatized children, families and individuals. My career was a gift that allowed me to do incredibly challenging work with very resilient populations. I have walked with people through their experiences to get to a place of more health and resilience. Having been the container for others’ pain and trauma, I have discovered my own strength in the process. I have a lot of gratitude -- there is nothing more rewarding in life than helping to save lives, emotionally and psychologically.

You have to have your own personal bottoms in life in order to be able to appreciate what it is like to survive. Never give up. You never know what miracles lay ahead.

What Inspires Me

I think people in life inspire me. I look around at my own life and the lives of others’. I get a lot of inspiration from the resilience that people have, and the fact that they are able to tap into it. Strong women inspire me. Serena Williams is my hero because she fights on the tennis court and never gives up. She’s come back from own personal physical adversity and has been able to rise to the top of the game.

Why I Like Stella

I like that I can face adversity and rise above challenges. This comes across in my life experiences, but also in the clothes I wear and how I wear them. I like clothing that is different and unique – that’s why I like Stella. No two people are alike when they wear this clothing. Stella is not mass-produced, not homogenized clothing like the society we live in where the same big stores control the world. It’s a move away from cookie-cutter kind of look, where you can create your own style.

I like that I can put it on and it’s easy and effortless; I don’t have to fuss and do things with it, yet it it’s impactful at the same time. For the tops or dresses… all I have to do is put on a nice piece of jewelry and some shoes, and I’m done. I like easy!

I feel very unique in them, but also feel that they make a statement without coming across as trying too hard. I’ve always been drawn to fashion and expressing myself in clothing, but also to being unique. Even when I was a teenager, I hated wearing the same thing to fit in, which is so against what is normative.

I’ve always been an intensely curious person, about life, people, and places, and I carry that in the world. That’s why I like living in Oakland and traveling so much. I just like being in diverse places with diverse people and diverse food. Stella’s clothes are very diverse. It’s always so different, unique and interesting -- it stimulates the curiosity in me. 

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