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All dressed down with somewhere to go? Want to look stylish and sophisticated in leggings without giving up comfort? We hear you!

Leggings are a ubiquitous form of clothing as it is found in the wardrobe of every woman. There are many ways you can work them into your personal style for a variety of looks. But it is important that you see the clear line between women’s leggings and jeans or pants. As they are skin-tight, it’s best practice to not wear them with short tops or anything that ends above the thigh. This is why long tops like tunics paired with leggings are the best, and they make you look on-point whether you are going for a casual look or something a bit more dressy.

You can find a variety of options at — from soft organic cotton and sustainable denim knit to our bestselling Tencel® blended Ponte knit styles. All have great comfort and stretch with interesting details and stitching. The Lounge Dress Pants is a wonderful hybrid that combines the comfort of your favorite yoga pants with work-appropriate dress slacks. When styling an outfit with leggings, it’s important to go full throttle with the accessories. A belt, shoes, or sandals, and a statement necklace or handbag are the finishing touches that really make your outfit sing and personalize your look.

When considering shoes, flats are an easy choice, try to avoid knee-length boots. Leggings are a super cozy and fashionable option during the winter months. Keep the comfort in and the cold out by pairing them with long flowing knitwear and warm layers.

Outfit Ideas with Leggings

Didn’t think you can wear leggings for work? The trick is to keep the rest of your outfit very simple. Combine the leggings with a tailored black shift dress and black pumps or ankle boots. It also works with a turtleneck sweater dress and, if you dare, a pencil skirt plus a white dress shirt. Leggings look gorgeous with tunics, oversized knit sweaters — anything casual! Remember to keep it simple.

Top 5 Leggings

Layering leggings (a.k.a footless tights) under tunics and dresses are now a wardrobe staple. Find the best leggings in all price and size ranges.

  1. Basic Cotton Leggings: Hue’s basic cotton legging in neutral colors offers a stretch cotton fit and a friendly price tag.
  2. Denim Legging: Get a sleek jean look with a pair of denim leggings.
  3. Spanx Leggings: Control and style built together. These Spanx leggings give you that famous sleekness to pull off under clingy minidresses and tunics.
  4. Sweater Leggings: This essential tight gives you a cozy layer under winter’s best looks.
  5. Lace Leggings: Add feminine appeal with lace leggings. They add texture and a touch of sexiness to everything you wear them with.

How to Choose the Best Leggings for Your Personal Style

Leggings have once again become a mainstay in women’s fall and winter wardrobes. They come in different colors and styles to flatter every body type. To pick the best leggings, consider your body type and the occasion.

  • For most occasions, pick ankle-length leggings in a dark neutral color such as black, brown, or navy. These leggings work well for all body types, and you can wear them with most outfits.
  • Buy leggings made of thick, opaque material with some stretch. Thicker leggings will smooth out any lumps and bumps and prevent your underwear from showing through. The stretch will add comfort and help the leggings keep their shape.
  • If you have nice legs, consider knee-length leggings for the spring and summer. Wear them with dresses and skirts when you need a bit more coverage. If your calf muscles are particularly big, avoid this length.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try bright colors, textures, and patterns. To make your legs look longer, pick leggings with vertical stripes or other long patterns. To give a dark color interest, choose leggings with a subtle texture. If you go for bold color, pair the leggings with a neutral or a complimentary color.

Long Tops to Go with Leggings

Leggings are a wardrobe staple for many women, as these stretchy pants are both functional and stylish when worn correctly. Because leggings aren’t pants and are ultra-form-fitting, they should be worn with longer tops to cover your backside. While this rule may constrict you a bit, the good news is there are plenty of chic long tops to beautifully complement your leggings.

Long T-Shirts

Wear your leggings with a long t-shirt for a casual look. As a rule, your shirt should be at least long enough to cover your bum and shouldn’t be too fitted. A simple white or gray tee works well, but graphic tees are also cute if you’re looking to spice things up. Top your tee off with a cropped jacket – the difference in proportions makes your outfit more interesting.


When the weather cools off, stay casual and wear your leggings with an over-sized sweatshirt -for the fashion maven, this doesn’t have to be your average sweatshirt. Sweats actually come in fashion styles that are sporty and stylish. Try an ’80s aesthetic in a one-shoulder version or pick a sweatshirt in an interesting print or one with embellishments. On your feet, slip on a pair of lace-up ankle boots for a dash of casual edge.

Oversized Blouses

Get inspired by the “boyfriend” look and pair your leggings with an oversized button-up blouse. A simple white blouse works well with heels, oxfords, ballet flats, or boots. For a more feminine look, pick a button-up in a lighter fabric like silk or in a print like floral, or try a versatile chambray shirt. Toughen things up with a leather motorcycle jacket for contrast.

Oversized Sweaters

Keep warm, cozy, and cute in a long chunky sweater and leggings. Sweaters are also good for layering; wear yours over a button-up blouse, allowing the collar to peek out over your sweater. Long cardigans also work over blouses though they layer well over tees and tank tops too. This versatile look can be worn with boots, ballet flats, or menswear-inspired oxfords.


The versatile tunic can be worn as a top or a dress– they’re also a perfect complement to leggings. Tunics are typically loose, flowing, and long – but not too long – making them an ideal match for a fitted bottom. Keep your tunic comfortable by pairing it with boots or dress it up with wedge heels. Any tunic will work with a simple legging, so opt for a simple cotton tunic for errand running or pick a dressier, embellished style for a fun night with friends.


Swap out a long top for a dress. Transition your summer dresses into the fall and winter by wearing them with leggings and a denim or leather jacket. Dare to go for the unexpected and pair your leggings with a sparkly dress. Edge up the look by slipping on combat boots and a cargo or leather jacket for an urban-cool vibe.

How to Wear Leggings with Skirts

Leggings are basically thick, opaque tights made to cover the legs. There are many different styles, colors, patterns, sizes, and lengths to choose from when it comes to leggings. Many times, they are worn as an extra layer to keep someone warm in cold weather. However, they are also worn under long shirts, dresses, and skirts instead of wearing tights or nylons.

  • Pair leggings with a casual skirt that hits at least mid-thigh. Baring too much can be unflattering so avoid wearing leggings as pants unless you’re wearing a long shirt that covers the bum at the least.
  • Avoid wearing leggings with your skirt when you have to look professional. Leggings tend to give a more casual vibe.
  • Try pairing solid-colored leggings with a printed skirt or pair printed leggings with a solid-colored skirt for a more fun look. Be careful, though, as printed leggings can make legs appear larger or shorter.
  • Look at all of your options. There are so many different kinds of leggings, from lacy leggings to leather leggings. Also, experiment with the different lengths. Leggings are made to hit at the knee, at the ankle, or anywhere in between.
  • Flatter your figure. Make sure that the skirt and legging combination you choose to wear is flattering to your shape. Don’t wear anything you’re not comfortable in. For example, if you have a lot of curves and feel uncomfortable wearing leggings, try wearing them under a skirt that hits at the knee. If you consider your legs your best asset, opt for a shorter skirt.
  • Be confident. Confidence is the best accessory to any style. If you feel like you look ridiculous, people will pick up on that.

How to Wear Vintage Leggings

Following a resurgence of ’70s fashion, it’s inevitable that snippets of the 1980s and ’90s should come back into style. Part of this trend is the return of everyone’s favorite stretchy pants, the legging. While some leggings tilt towards the modern in styling, others are definitely retro in flavor. Lace and neon leggings bring back memories of hair bands, pink heels, and big hair as wearers combine them with present-day apparel. To wear vintage-look leggings, combine these distinctive pants with your favorite recent fashions for an updated fusion of fashion and old-school chic. Worn with the right clothes, retro leggings are versatile and cute, not costume-like.

  1. Combine vintage leggings with apparel from other eras. Too much of one time period looks like overkill. Instead of wearing a boxy, off-the-shoulder logo tee, wear patterned or leather leggings with a geometrically shaped shirt or slim-fit blazer.
  2. Wear your leggings with flats or a low heel unless going for an obvious ’80s look to your outfit. The leggings are sexy and revealing enough.
  3. Wear vintage leggings as if they were tights, not pants. Since most ’80s leggings were thin or even sheer, these may look tacky if worn as pants. Layer vintage leggings underneath a miniskirt, thigh-length tunic, or short dress for best results.
  4. Spend good money on vintage leggings to get a quality pair. Cheap lace can tear or have less stretch, and low-budget painted leggings may be so poorly made that the design cracks when worn. Spend a little more to buy a product that will last and look good for a long time.

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