Stella, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Stella is the creative force behind the brand.

Launching the Stella Carakasi direct-to-consumer brand in late 2018 has allowed us to remain on the leading edge of fashion by bringing her voice closer to our customers.

After connecting with thousands of women over the span of her career, Stella's personal mission has evolved into empowering women through sustainable, high-quality designs that fit their bodies and lifestyle.

Paying attention to what women want and need is at the core of what she does and her clothing transforms the way women feel about themselves and that is powerful.

She is not ruled by anything of the moment or by trends, instead she is focusing on quality and longevity and she designs within a tight system of styles that work together and that makes getting dressed easy.

Not only is this a much more sustainable approach to design but is exemplifies that you do not need many clothes to create a wide variety of looks as shown in our Looks We Love page.



Steven, Co-Founder & CEO

Steven has been a visionary entrepreneur, business partner and CEO since 1993. He is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of team building.
His superior interpersonal skills and pragmatic approach to strategy and vision have served the company well in its successful pivot to a direct-to-consumer business model.



Allan, Co-Founder and Director of Brand

Allan guides the broader vision for the brand. His interest in art, photography, and the written word has propelled him into a career that encompasses all of his passions, including the environment.
Allan creates written content, digital imagery and innovative strategies to ensure that the brand purpose and promise are clearly defined and pulled across all visual messaging both internally and externally.



Pauline, Production Manager

Pauline is our in-house "MacGyver" and has a solution for just about everything. Her skills range from sample sewing and pattern making to running production. And as if that's not enough, she can often be found on the floor at one of our retail locations. Truly a "Jackie-of-all-trades", Pauline has been an indispensable team member since the beginning.



Brittany, Customer Relations Manager

Brittany is the pleasant calm soul that thoughtfully answers all your questions. She's also our in-house detective, helping us navigate new technologies and apps. Her kind nature and positive attitude are evident in every action she takes.
Her presence is a true delight.



Ayliah, Customer Service

Ayliah takes care of all things customer service. She is a quiet force and the pleasant voice of your Stella Carakasi customer service experience.



Mercedes, Quality Control Manager

Mercedes is our extremely focused and detailed oriented quality control manager. She and her team inspect every garment and help with trimming, pressing and making sure all styles are perfect before they arrive at your door.



Ernesto, Shipping Manager

Ernesto is an indispensable member of our team. He makes sure everything in the warehouse is well organized, our inventory is accurate and our shipping and receiving operations are running smooth. A true gentleman that always finds a way to get it done and done well.