How to Make A Simple Outfit Look Sophisticated

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to stay on top of the trends or constantly shop to look stylish and sophisticated. In fact, the most fashionable outfits start with basics that can be worn in many different ways throughout every season! If you’re looking for some new fashion tips for women to help reinvent (or just upgrade) your closet for the new season, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn 6 easy ways to take your simple outfit to the next level. 

1. Start with the Basics

The most sophisticated outfits always start out with timeless, high-quality basics. These are the designs that you can wear over and over that won’t go out of style and won’t fall apart after a few washes! Make sure your basics are made from quality fabrics so they will last. Plus, better fabrics will actually elevate your overall look and make you look more sophisticated. 

Here are a few must-have basics that should be in every woman’s wardrobe:

A button-up white shirt is a classic that can be worn to work, to run errands, for date night, or for lunch with your friends! The best part of a good white blouse is that it can be layered with many different styles such as blazers, cardigans, or even a leather jacket depending on the occasion. The Stella Carakasi Legacy Shirt is the perfect white button-up because it’s a quality basic made with blended organic cotton poplin that will last you for a long time and can be worn in many different ways. 

Every woman will want to own a good pair of dress pants to wear to work, interviews, and beyond! Black dress pants can be worn with many different tops and colors to fit into anyone’s personal style. Our Lounge Dress Pants not only look good on everyone, but they feel good too. The name says it is all. They are so comfortable that you can actually lounge in them and at the same time they are so stylish that you can wear them to the office. Don’t be fooled by the classic tailored dress pant details. They just look as if you’re wearing dress pants, but feel like you’re rocking yoga pants (yes, we’re serious!) They’re the best of both worlds and can be dressed up or down.

Ready to layer but bored with the typical long cardigan design everybody seems to own? We recommend adding our favorite Go To Cardigan to your collection that can be worn over pretty much any outfit and enjoyed throughout many seasons. Cardigans are a great way to layer (we’ll talk more about that later) and keep warm. Our Go To Cardigan features masterful stitches throughout and a super flattering accordion hem design that takes any basic cardigan up several style notches and it’s available in three neutral colors to match any garment in your wardrobe.

When most women think of a little black dress (or LBD for short) they often think of a fancy dress that can be worn to parties and nice dinner dates but we’re here to tell you a casual LBD is just as important! Our Day After Day Dress is the perfect combination of classy and casual so it can be worn to work under a cardigan and to a dinner date. Why give up comfort for style when you can have both?

Who doesn’t love a good jersey top? A classy jersey top or statement tank can be paired with so many different outfits and can be easily jazzed up with the right accessories.  Our Favorite Thing Top boasts a sophisticated elegance and delivers both comfort and style to any outfit pairing with its masterfully layered front pleats and easy A-line silhouette. The Stella Carakasi Raise The Bar Top is the upgraded not-so-basic long A-line t-shirt with a unique, high/ low hem and a flattering half-sleeve that is easy to wear and it elevates your everyday style! Both of these tops can be worn with denim, leggings, skirts, trousers, and more! 

2. Don’t Forget the Jewelry!

The easiest fashion tip for women to make any outfit look more sophisticated is to accessorize your basics with some showstopping jewelry! Now, just because you’re accessorizing doesn’t mean you have to wear bright, distracting jewelry. We love to opt for some simple, yet stunning pieces to compliment you and your outfit, not take away from it. 

One of our favorite pieces to add a bit of flair to any outfit is a nice Y-necklace to keep it understated yet classy. We’ve been loving this Solari Knot Necklace with Pavé from David Yurman recently to pair with any outfit—casual or fancy!

If you’re more into bracelets, you can always go for a simple metal bracelet that you can even stack and play around with to make it custom to you! One of our favorite bracelets to start out with is the David Yurman Cable Classics Center Station Bracelet. Again, it’s simple yet classy and can be paired with pretty much any outfit!

3. Use Makeup as an Accessory

Many women like to keep it neutral and simple when it comes to their makeup when in fact, your makeup can be your best accessory!  We love BOOM by Cindy Joseph it’s the first pro-age cosmetic line for women of every age who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest realistic approach. Have fun! Experiment with shimmery eyes, bold lips, or fun eyeshadow colors to make a plain outfit pop! As a rule of thumb, try to stick to one bold makeup accent per look. For example, if you choose to rock a bold lip, keep it natural on the eyes and the rest of the face so the lip is truly the focal point and vice versa.

4. Invest in a High-Quality Bag

When it comes to the right bag, you’ll want to invest in something that is made with high-quality material that lasts. You will also want to opt for a structured bag in a neutral tone or you can’t go wrong with the classics like tan or black to match with anything. Structured bags not only last longer but also make your entire outfit look more put together and sophisticated. 

We’ve been loving the Hermēs Bolide 31 Bag to use as an everyday bag for work, outings, and even errands. It holds everything you’ll need and is made from durable leather to stand the test of time.

5. Layer it on!

One of the most common fashion tips for looking sophisticated is to layer your basics. Layering gives your look dimension (not to mention, keeps you warm during colder months!) Play around with layering styles like overcoats, trenches, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, button-ups, t-shirts, and more. The options are truly endless when it comes to layering and it will always make you look fashionable! 

6. Have fun! 

Just because an outfit starts out as simple, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Even if your outfit is plain, experiment with cute scarves, shoes, and even hairstyles and hair accessories! One of our favorite hair accessory bands is France Luxe. They offer beautiful and high-quality hair accessories that will last for many seasons. Even the daintiest hair clip or hat can elevate your look from drab to fab in no time. The number one rule when it comes to getting dressed in the morning is that your outfit makes you feel confident and is a reflection of your own personal style. If you want to express yourself with a fun headband or bright pink lip, go for it!

For more great style inspiration check out our Looks We Love Page. Fashion doesn’t need to have strict rules and it’s a form of self-expression, so always remember to add a bit or a lot of you into your daily looks and have fun with it.

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