The Undeniable Allure of the Classic White Shirt

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Did you know that in today’s day and age, most people usually only wear about 10% of what is hanging in their closet? After nearly three decades in the fashion business, I have evolved as a designer and woman. There are various things that have changed for me and for the many women I know. As we mature, we tend to value quality over quantity. Owning less but higher quality items has become more important to me, which translates directly into my fashion philosophy.

Decluttering one’s life across all levels and maximizing simplicity is not only good for the environment and the pocketbook but also super important for the soul. Creating space by simplifying one’s life opens doors to new opportunities and experiences.

Fearlessly Wear a White Shirt Anywhere, Everywhere, And in Any Season

So, what does this mean for my Stella Carakasi clothing brand? I set out to create versatile, flattering styles that you can feel good about wearing again and again. And while all clothing is designed to be worn in many different ways, no matter the occasion or season. There is one item that I will always have in my collection–a great white poplin shirt. The white shirt has been a high fashion staple for decades. Anne Fontaine, a French fashion designer, knows the magic power of the white shirt and has created a very successful international business based on the white blouse.

Carolina Herrera, another great American clothing designer has often been seen wearing a white shirt with many of her glamourous bottoms and is known for opting to wear a white shirt at her shows.

Why do we love a white poplin shirt?

Before we get into the ins and outs of the white shirt, I want to share just a few reasons why I am so passionate about every woman owning one:

1. It’s an investment! Trust me when I say this: a white poplin shirt is a piece you will want to invest in. It’s one of those clothing items that can be worn repeatedly regardless of your plans or the weather outside. A high-quality white shirt will last you years (because who wants to get rid of their favorite clothing item after just a few seasons?!

2. It will never go out of style. Because sustainability is a huge pillar of my beliefs, I strive to create designs that can be worn for years. Fast fashion and social media trends lead to millions of tons of clothing waste being dumped in landfills each year. A white poplin shirt is a classic, chic piece that will truly always be stylish!

3. A white shirt flatters every skin color The key to feeling confident in your white shirt is finding a shirt silhouette that suits your body type. Many of our white shirts are meant to fit and flatter most body shapes and sizes however, it may be a bit of trial and error at first to find the perfect shirt for you.

How to style a white shirt

A white shirt is a perfect addition to your wardrobe because it is versatile. You can wear it tied or tucked in, partially tucked, belted, or loose with a pair of jeans or leggings. Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear a white shirt:

Keep it slim

If you’re sporting a flowy, oversized tunic, opt for a slimmer pair of pants such as leggings. A tighter-fitting pair of pants worn with a flowy tunic gives some balance to the entire look. Plus, it will keep you feeling confident and comfortable all day. Our best-selling Tiburon Tunic looks great paired with our Slimming Ankle Pants for the office or the Criss Cross Denim Leggings for running errands.

Wide & Cropped

On the opposite end of the spectrum, try wearing a shorter shirt with a wider-leg, cropped pair of pants. For the same reason, this will keep your outfit looking proportional. The Wear Anywhere Shirt is a great option if you’re looking for a shorter style that still has some movement to it. We love pairing it with the Perfect Flood Pants for the ultimate office look and beyond! Just remember, it’s all about playing with proportions and figuring out what looks best on your body type.


At the end of the day, a white top is a simple style that also benefits from being elevated with accessories. Add a statement necklace or a beautiful scarf to really take your look up a notch. This is also an easy way to transform your daytime look into a nighttime outfit without having to change your clothes!

We’re always looking to design the next great white shirt.

Whether it’s an updated collar treatment, masterful pattern work, or curious details. The white shirt comes in more variations than we can count ranging from classic to unique. The perfect shirt for you is the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. We strive to create the perfect shirt by taking some of the best attributes of our most popular styles and recreating them in a new way, a pocket here, a tuck there. Every detail counts. Our newest additions this season illustrate a delightful balance between style and versatility.

Showstopper Shirt

We think the name speaks for itself but if you’re not convinced, the new  Showstopper Shirt is all about blending drama and practicality. The flattering front and back release tucks define the striking silhouette and add visual interest to this organic poplin top. There are even side seam pockets to add more versatility to this stunning style. While the Showstopper Shirt can be worn many different ways, we’ve been loving it paired with the Slimming Ankle Pants for the perfect, stylish work look.

Wish List Shirt

 Thoughtful details and exquisite pattern play on the brand new Wish List Shirt  amp up the charisma of this season’s “must-have” button-up. The flattering deep V-neck, smart 3-button cuff and back tucks add a sophisticated touch. Unique side slit inserts cleverly hide the on-seam pockets giving this unique style some added utility that punctuates the irresistible and enduring charm of this sweet fashion piece. We like to take the Wish List Shirt a little more casual by pairing it with our super cozy Tencel® Criss Cross Denim Knit Leggings

The perfect white shirt–not as basic as you may think!

You may be thinking to yourself, “Okay I hear you, but I like a little more flair to my outfits than just a white poplin shirt.” While many of our styles have an interesting silhouette to them, we just launched three brand-new styles that go beyond your basic white poplin shirt. We are so excited about these pieces because they’re not only interesting to look at, but they offer just as much versatility as any white shirt or tunic would! What’s not to love?!

Crossroads Tunic

Our Crossroads Tunic is a style that feels both timeless and new. And with this shirt, the design is truly in the details. It has yarn-dyed stripes, cut-up paneling, and unique asymmetries at the hem and collar. The Crossroads Tunic feels like a piece that you can throw on with a pair of chic leggings and run out the door. It doesn’t need much styling which makes it perfect for those who want to keep things easy in the mornings. 

Attitude Shirt

Now, this is an interesting shirt! The Attitude Shirt is a crisp black and white yarn-dyed top that keeps things appealing with the unique pattern play work. It boasts an oversized fit that looks amazing paired with the Perfect Flood Pants. This is truly a look that can be easily transformed from day to night with just the right accessories and layering pieces!

Center Stage Shirt

A classic yarn-dyed pinstripe shirt with a twist. Crafted in a high-quality cotton poplin fabric the Center Stage Shirt offers a smooth finish with just the right amount of stretch for an effortlessly easy fit. A flattering A-line shape lends itself beautifully to the intricate pattern work. The unique side seam construction resolves cleverly into hidden front pockets while the perfectly placed back panels create a delightful chevron design on this easygoing bias-cut silhouette. A classic stand-up collar and buttoned cuffs finish this exquisitely designed button-up.

A white button-up shirt is the ultimate in effortless, simple, and chic styling.  It suits all age groups and should be a staple and basic piece within every woman’s wardrobe. Once you find the right Stella Carakasi white poplin shirt, you can feel free to play around with the different colorway options we offer to add a bright pop of color to your wardrobe!

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