“Spring” Into Summer: Heart, Mind & Soul

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For most people, the spring and summer seasons are filled with exciting travels, time spent with friends and family, and a busy schedule. While some of us may feel overwhelmed with the plans ahead, it’s important to reflect on what these seasons in our lives mean to us and how we can make the most of them. We look at the spring and summer seasons as a way to mentally fill up our cups and revitalize our outlook. If you’re looking to get this new summer season started on the right foot, keep reading for all of the ways we’re making it your best summer yet!

Declutter Your Life

The people who participate in decluttering each year are really onto something. Starting fresh in a new season with less can make such a huge difference in your life that you would’ve never realized you were missing otherwise! In fact, studies have shown that getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your space can reduce stress and anxiety while increasing your overall happiness. The idea of decluttering ties directly into our beliefs here at Stella Carakasi. One of our driving mantras is “Less is more when less is better”. When it comes to your personal wardrobe, you don’t need a packed closet to put together beautiful, functional outfits. We believe that if you fill your collection with high-quality and versatile pieces, you’ll never run out of inspiration

This season, one of our favorite styles is the Studded Tiburon Tunic. This top is one of our best-selling styles because it’s not only versatile for everyday wear, but it also fits and flatters almost any body shape or size. For the warmer months, we gave this top an upgrade with stunning studding detail around the hem. Pair it with our Favorite Jacket over top, and you’ve got that perfect transitional outfit.

Decluttering doesn’t have to just be physical. Make sure to declutter anything that’s mentally bothering you to renew your zest for life. This could mean finally doing that task you’ve been putting off for weeks, months, or even years, maybe making a change in your professional life, or getting rid of anything (or anyone!) that doesn’t serve you.

Connect With Nature

Spring and summer are the seasons to get outside and reconnect with greenery. In the colder months, we’re usually cooped up indoors, which can take a toll on both our physical and mental well-being. Try getting outside for at least a few minutes each day to improve your outlook for the rest of the day. Once you start regularly spending time outdoors, you’ll really understand the difference it can make.

In the Mood for Color

When you take a look at your wardrobe, you can also gauge how well-connected you are with nature. What is your typical color palette? What fabrics are hanging in your closet? How sustainable are they? These are all questions you should ask yourself when thinking about your clothing choices. When it comes to the color palette, it’s been found that fresh and revitalizing colors can actually improve your mood for the day, and warm weather months are a perfect time to add that extra color pop to your wardrobe. If you prefer neutrals, think bright whites or soft pastels, if you are more daring, embrace adding bright colors. Our classic Tiburon Tunic is available in several refreshing colors for the season, including Lavender, Soft White, and refreshing Honeydew. These colors are all inspired by warm temperatures and budding nature. Add in some comfortable pants, like our Tencel® Ponte Slimming Ankle Pants, to help you explore your favorite summer haunts without sacrificing style.

It Starts With The Fabric

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the fabrics used in your garments are sustainable and good for you and the environment. This will make you not only look good but feel good about the clothing you are getting dressed in each day. We take pride in using many sustainable fabrics for our clothing, such as our proprietary Organic Cotton blend for our Prime Time Tunic and Tencel® Ponte for the Criss-Cross Leggings and our best-selling Love the Look Leggings. Our fabrics are both healthier for you and the environment we live in.

If you still feel like you aren’t ready for the new season, we think we’ve got the right styles to get you there! Add a fun top to your wardrobe that can be both versatile yet stand out. We’re loving both the Crossroads Tunic and Center Stage Shirt in the new chambray yarn-dye stripe colorway. Pair either shirt with the Tencel® Criss Cross Leggings or the Just Right Cropped Pants and a stylish yet comfortable pair of chunky heels, and you got yourself the perfect relaxed summer outfit! All of these styles can be worn in many different ways to accommodate your busy summer schedule. What more can you ask for?!

Take Care of Your Body

Decluttering and getting outside can be huge brain boosts, but what about our physical well-being? Because our schedules can become so overwhelming during the warmer months, it’s crucial not to forget to take care of our bodies. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep each

night, drink water and get your body moving regularly, and eat fresh, healthy foods. While these all may seem like simple enough tasks, they can be easy to overlook with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Even if you take just 15 minutes a day to focus on yourself, you’ll be sure to notice a tremendous difference in your physical and mental health!

Final Touches

What’s a summer refresh without the final touches? Easy accessories like an oversized bag, comfy sandals, and a sheer scarf add a comfortable, versatile style to wherever your summer plans take you. Instead of having multiple bags that you switch out for each occasion, we opt for a large tote like the Los Feliz Large Tote from Le Sak. Bags like these can help you downsize what you own without losing functionality. You’re never overdressed or underdressed with the Tumbled Nubuck Sandals by Eileen Fisher, they get our vote for both style and comfort. Lastly, pull it all together with a chic lightweight cashmere scarf by Ovicio. They are a sustainable, stylish addition to any summertime outfit.

Make sure to head to our Looks We Love Page to discover some of our favorite outfits that will have you feeling like a brand new person for the new season!

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