Continuing with our Amazing Women Campaign gives me the opportunity to finally introduce you to our model Amy Scott. She is a rising star and someone who amazed me from the moment we met many years ago. Amy is truly beautiful inside and out. Her work ethic and enthusiasm for fashion, family, and co-creating make her a truly joyful collaborator.

Intelligent, grounded, humble and refreshingly real are just some of the attributes that come to mind when I think of Amy. She belongs to the many women who inspire and give energy to our brand.

My mission is to empower and make you feel more confident and alive through fashion that accentuates your beauty and energy. 

Stella Carakasi

Seasoned model Amy Scott launched her modeling career at age 11, where she was given opportunities to work for Macy's and Mervyn’s. She put her modeling career on hold to focus on her studies, and after graduation reignited her modeling career, which enabled her to graduate debt free. Amy began working with Stella Carakasi while still in college and for the past 9 years has collaborated to create a fun and inspiring work experience. She currently lives in San Diego with her Husband of two years and looks forward to many more years together with him and Stella Carakasi!

"I'm so lucky to have found Stella Carakasi not only are they a company that inspires me professionally but I can call them family.” –Amy Scott

Name: Amy Scott

Profession: Professional Model

Age: 28

What do you like about Stella Carakasi clothing?
I love the clean lines and the fit is absolutely perfect. The designs are elegant and sophisticated and can be worn at any age. There are pieces in her collection that are timeless and of course, I LOVE how comfortable everything is. It is so nice to work a job and go in knowing everything I wear that day is going to feel amazing on!

How do you feel wearing Stella Carakasi designs?
I instantly feel like I exude elegance and class...but it feels effortless. I just feel stunning in these clothes and believe me that is not always the case. It takes a village to make me look the way I do on set. The clothes speak for themselves.

Do you have a favorite story, a compliment you have received wearing Stella’s designs or an observation that you can share?
I wear Stella Carakasi all the time! Without a doubt every time I wear a Stella Carakasi jacket or asymmetrical high/low hem design I am going to get a compliment. They should put a warning sign on these pieces: If you wear these garment strangers will come up and talk to you... be prepared!

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