There are so many fabulous women that inspire me and so many of them work quietly behind the scenes doing their jobs with grace and dedication. Dani Robinson is one of these wonderful and talented women. Dani started doing makeup for us at one of our many in-house fashion shows and we immediately fell in love with her enthusiasm for her work and her commitment to her art. It has been a wonderful experience collaborating with her on our many photo shoots and fashion shows she brings a joyful energy to the set and her beautiful smile is absolutely infectious. I am proud to introduce Dani Robinson as one of our Amazing women because we all know behind every successful business there are wonderful hardworking people behind the scenes humbly making it all work.

I am excited to spotlight these wonderful ladies and their contribution to empowering women to feel more confident and successful in their everyday lives.

-Stella Carakasi

Dani Robinson lives and works in Sacramento California and works on projects and events throughout the Bay Area.

Name: Dani Robinson

Profession: Makeup Artist

Age: 30

What do you like about Stella Carakasi clothing?
Stella Carakasi makes clothes for EVERY woman. Whether you are the classic woman, the edgy woman, the romantic. There’s something here for you. I especially love the versatility and timelessness of her designs.

How do you feel wearing Stella Carakasi designs?
I feel confident, pretty and ready to take on the world! Partly because I love the looks, partly because it makes me feel good to know I’m rocking a brand that uses eco-friendly fabrics, and partly because I have an emotional connection to Stella herself. Stella is a phenomenal woman, mother, and designer. Knowing that I am wearing a designer that shares the same values as me means that much more. She understands that women want to feel like the best version of themselves, and that is exactly how I feel when wearing her pieces.

Oh...and the compliments! :)

Do you have a favorite story, a compliment you have received wearing Stella’s designs or an observation that you can share?
Every single time I step out in one of Stella’s pieces I get compliments. It never fails! Actually last week I got into a little tiff with one of my friends because I refused to give her one of my Stella jackets! LOL


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