As we kick off the season we wanted to highlight our favorite styles and what better way to do it than with the help of women who inspire us. Stella, being a true artist, surrounds herself with dynamic women, like you, who pull her closer to her mission. Here's a look at some of the women that have shared their creativity, brilliance, and great style.

Name: Jen Bricker

Profession: Author / Aerialist / Public Speaker

What do you like about Stella Carakasi clothing?
What I have been so impressed by with Stella Carakasi clothing is the unique silhouettes and materials she uses– the feel is INCREDIBLE!!! I love unique– and her clothing is unique in more ways than one! Much like her.

How do you feel when wearing Stella Carakasi?
I am already about as unique as you're going to get– LOL! But this clothing loves me back! Down to my soul to a deeper level of unique, and fierce, and STRONG. Knowing that the clothing you are wearing is made with LOVE, and that it looks and feels FIERCE is a slam-dunk in my book!

Do you have a favorite story, compliment, or observation that you can share?
I was BLOWN AWAY when I did my photo shoot for Stella Carakasi. Not just by Stella herself, being over the top awesome, and lovely, and wonderful– but literally EVERY single person that I met and interacted with that works in any way, shape, or form with Stella. They ALL went above and beyond to immediately treat me like family with love and true excitement!

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Born without legs, one would think Jen Bricker would be destined for a life of hardship. However, the hand of destiny brought her an amazing adoptive family, who gave her one simple rule, "Never say can't" and helped her forge a life of triumph, not tragedy. As a child, Jen was obsessed with gymnastics, and her idol was Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu.

Seemingly against all odds, Jen went on to compete against able-bodied athletes and became a State Champion in power tumbling—only later to discover Moceanu was actually her biological sister.

She is currently living in Los Angeles and has added a successful speaking career to her list of accomplishments, including a TEDx talk and several other speeches around the world, from Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong to Malaysia and Thailand. Through her faith, drive, and determination, she continues to prove to herself and others that everything is possible.

Jen Bricker is an author, aerialist, and motivational speaker. A state champion in power tumbling, she has traveled internationally with Brittany Spears' Circus Tour and has appeared as a headliner at the prestigious Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, New York's Lincoln Center, the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai, and the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

Jen has been featured on HBO's Real Sports, ABC's 20/20, ESPN's Versus, and Good Morning America.

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