The market is really exciting right now. People are stepping out of their comfort zones and looking for something new, fresh and exciting. My inspiration comes from everywhere and it is impossible to pinpoint. For me, it is the sobering feedback we get from our customers, combined with the global influences in fashion and art. Clothing has to be unique but understandable, and more importantly, it needs to be wearable and easy-to-care-for. I never compromise on craftsmanship and quality. What matters most is making my customers feel fabulous when wearing our clothes.

My clothes are designed for women who value quality and practicality and are not afraid to be unique and a bit eclectic. They are confident, bohemian at times, and they like to make personal statements with their style. My clothes are not about age or body type, but rather about lifestyle.

“Follow your heart” has been my guiding mantra in life, but recently I read an interesting bumper sticker that said “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it!”, which I think is fabulous advice!

I see fashion move towards a more modern architectural look with the mixing of styles and layering of interesting silhouettes. Texture and fabrics are key.

Furthermore, we can no longer continue to ignore the negative impact we are all having on our already suffering environment. Considering the clothing/fabric industry is the second largest in the world after food, we as designers and manufacturers need to step up and try and incorporate more Eco fabrics and practices for a brighter more sustainable future.

Stella was born and raised in Germany to Greek parents. She has been designing for Two Star Dog Inc. and producing a variety of looks and an even wider variety of fabrics for various customers for over twenty years. She is a full time working mother, with an extremely busy schedule. Stella is active in local as well as international charities and continues to advocate social justice and environmental responsibility through donations and sound business practices.

Meet Stella Carakasi