I am excited to introduce Seonok Lee. Not only is Seonok one of the amazing women I have had the privilege of meeting through my work, but I am also am honored to call her my friend.

Aside from being a very accomplished scientist, researcher, and writer, Seonok is a warm and thoughtful person. She is brilliant, extremely conscientious, and an incredible role model.

–Stella Carakasi

Name: Seonok Lee

Profession: Neoronal Cell Biologist

What do you like about Stella Carakasi clothing?
Stella Carakasi clothing represents a style that works with a wide range of women regardless of her age or physical form. Her designs complement the unique beauty inherent to each individual.

How do you feel wearing Stella Carakasi designs?
They organically wrap around my body almost becoming my second skin. They make me feel feminine, beautiful, and fashionable while maintaining my authenticity and professional presence.

Do you have a favorite story, a compliment you have received wearing Stella’s designs or an observation that you can share?
I get stopped by many women on the street asking what designer I am wearing, in addition to the incredible amount of compliments I receive.

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