Looks We Love

by Stella Carakasi September 18, 2020 5 min read

Looks We Love

New Normal

Many social and environmental issues have surfaced with our current “New Normal” and it is a challenging time navigating everything that is happening. Finding the good in all of this might seem impossible but our current situation is also a chance to re-evaluate and renew. The old way of being and doing no longer seems applicable and in many ways no longer works.

Comfort and Style

Our team has been in business 25+ years and we certainly are no strangers to change, both personally and professionally. We understand that the idea of change can be scary especially when it is forced upon us, but it is also a time of introspection and great innovation. Re-framing this “New Normal” as a promising phase with fresh energy and new perspective can make all the difference in how we adapt, evolve and thrive. While change is an ongoing process, eventually there’s a tipping point and that’s when things start to get exciting. The momentum is gaining, inspiration strikes, and new ideas are surfacing. Change is at full throttle and nothing can stop you. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step to finding your way in this New Normal.

A lot has happened over the past few months but our commitment to providing comfort and style fully remains, especially during this time where we all need social, emotional and tactical support to continue feeling good. Self-care comes in many forms and our contribution comes in the form of great quality clothing that fits many body shapes and sizes. We have all experienced the uplifting feeling wearing a style that makes us look and feel great. This is the power of great design.

Style and comfort are not exclusive of each other but rather a great combination especially during this unprecedented time where a lot of us have resorted to wearing sweats because we all sought some kind of comfort. Keeping your comfort and elevating your spirits with great style is something I think we are all  ready for.

Less is more when less is better

Since the re-launch of Stella Carakasi as a direct-to-consumer brand in late 2018, I fully embraced the concept of “Less is more when less is better”. Creating sustainable, timeless designs that are inclusive has never been more important. Sustainability goes beyond working with eco-friendly materials and *ISO certified partners. It means producing and consuming less while expecting more from each style. As a designer I make it my responsibility to offer styles in a tight multi-task capsule that creates a wide variety of looks. Considering most of us only wear 10% of what we own it is very important that we own the right pieces that are comfortable and make us look great- styles we love to wear season after season. Our key styles are ultra-mixable, interchangeable and intended to work seamlessly with your closet favorites.

How does it all work? Get inspired by checking out our Looks We Love page.

Looks we love

Dressing made easy. Our assortment thrives on getting several looks out of just a few key styles. We focus on eco-friendly materials, interesting fabric combinations and unexpected architectural design details that raise the bar for style and comfort. We create timeless and modern designs in silhouettes that flatter and fit a wide spectrum of body types. Our designs truly transform the way women feel.

We are committed to delivering the perfect core wardrobe that you will enjoy for years to come. Simplifying your life with something as easy as simplifying your closet may just open a whole new appreciation for change. If you have not worn something for a long time it might be time to let it go. Pass it along to somebody that might love it or donate your clothing to a charitable cause. Declutter your closet, your home, your mind… focus on styles that have longevity. Styles that are good for the planet and that make you feel great.

Slow down

Fast fashion has not only devalued clothing, it has contributed to the mad consumerism that has caused unfathomable waste and environmental destruction, ranking the textile industry as the second largest polluter in the world. We stand behind slow fashion because we believe in quality over quantity and we honor the artistry involved in creating clothing while celebrating the skill of the craftspeople involved, respecting their health and the welfare of the environment. These last few months have only strengthened my belief of less being more when less is better. Slowing down has opened the door to new inspiration, exciting ideas and most of all reassessing what is important.

Wearing your values

If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it is the deep realization that we are a global family and we are truly in this together. How does this apply to fashion? Conscious decisions about how you shop, what you wear and even how often you wear it matters. The slow fashion movement started in the United States and has spread globally. We are very proud of the fact that Two Star Dog, our first clothing company, was a major contributor at the forefront of this movement in the early nineties when sustainability in fashion barely existed. Today, thanks to many movements, organizations and conscious fashion companies, people are beginning to realize how harmful our consumerist society has been, and they are forcing the industry to clean up its act.

Over the years we have produced our clothing here in the U.S and across the globe. We have worked with factories and mills to develop some of these standards and have invested time, money and our hearts into this concept. We’ve developed relationships all over the world with like-minded people who wanted to not only see this change happen but wanted to be a part of it. Many of these people have inspired others in their corner of the world to do the same and as the market grew for this new way of manufacturing, the movement gained momentum. We all have a part in making a difference and this is truly inspiring. Our grandchildren across the globe will benefit greatly from the changes we make today, and it starts with something as simple as a conscious shopping decision.

*ISO certification, a seal of approval from an independent, non-governmental international organization, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO),  has become an essential component in the slow fashion movement. By bringing together experts to share knowledge and develop international standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges. ISO certification has become a standard way of doing business. 


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