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Stella Carakasi The Power of Design 

The power of design is personal. It’s about manifesting confidence and feeling right with who you are without even knowing why. It’s about summoning the power of the senses to communicate security and ease. Think about that favorite garment, that go-to piece in your wardrobe that just works. Not the most expensive mind you, but that one piece that always makes it into your suitcase. Most likely when that piece comes to mind, it’s a sensory experience that triggers a memory; perhaps it felt wonderful to the touch or was that perfect color. Or maybe it just seemed to work with everything else in your closet. A unique cut or some charming detail, whatever the impetus, at that moment you felt the energy of your surroundings. You felt like your true self and you felt comfortable in your own skin. That’s the power of design.

What makes an Icon

The term ‘Icon’ is thrown around a lot these days; a versatile style that stands the test of time, a piece that fits and flatters many different sizes and shapes, like our Tiburon Tunic, one style to which this title can truly be applied. The Tiburon Tunic’s versatility has a great deal to do with its ability to outlast trends; it’s the rare piece of clothing that can be worn for just about any occasion and in a variety of ways, from a workweek staple to lunch with friends, dressed up or down, belted as a shirt dress with leggings, or unbuttoned as a lightweight jacket. A true Icon is something you will wear all the time. It’s a commodity, the one piece that you can wear pretty much anywhere and feel comfortable and confident and know that you are neither over- nor underdressed, but always on-point.

Classic Colors

Black, Soft White and Navy; these timeless shades are classic and set the foundation of any successful look.  Current limited edition colors Aqua and Coral add a bright alternative to our classic shades.

Soft White: The quintessential dress shirt color. For cotton poplin, there’s no better choice, and it’s the best color to combine with classic indigo jeans, your favorite pants, or leggings like our Second Nature Capris or Ready To Wear Leggings.

Black:  A black shirt offers a rebellious alternative to the classic white option, the go-to color that goes everywhere and works with all your outfits. Black adds drama and mystery, it can be dressed up or down or worn head to toe. Go tonal with greys or neutrals. Pop pretty much any color against black and it instantly has cache’, something special comes out- she is empowered.

Navy: Navy the color of midnight is a refined choice that does almost the same job as black and remains day friendly. It’s ideal for creating classic looks when combined with denim, white and cool neutrals.

Aqua: The color Aqua is peaceful and calm. It’s a happy cool bright that works back to denim and white and enhances your mood with joyful positivity.

Coral: Coral is energizing and invigorating and inspires action, it’s bright and exciting. This lively color works back to your favorite denim and white. Want to make a statement? Pair it with other brights like yellow or vibrant greens.

Styled just so…

Comfort falls hand in hand with confidence, and confidence starts with feeling good about what you’re wearing and how it fits and feels. A perfect fit emphasizes parts of the body you’re most proud of, without drawing attention to the areas you’re perhaps more self-conscious about. We’ve designed this piece with you in mind. Taking some of the attributes of our bestsellers along with feedback from our loyal customers we have incorporated them into one fantastic style. The smart poplin front reveals a modern architectural shape and the pleated stretch-jersey back work together to create The Tiburon Tunic Icon. The half sleeves are finished with a stretchy band of jersey for ease of movement and precise fit. The welted front pockets are deep, inconspicuous and keep this piece on the casual side while the pleated jersey back exudes total comfort and ease. Pop the collar for a little attitude. The Tiburon Tunic can be worn open as an easy-going jacket, buttoned-up as a tunic or belted and paired with leggings to make a stunning shirtdress. This style has as many moods as you.

In the words of our happy customers

“It’s a great moment when you make a purchase and it exceeds expectations. You want to tell everyone. You feel great every time you wear it.”   –Ann B.

“Love this shirt! So comfy and flattering.”   –M P.

“I just got mine! It fits perfectly and I want to wear it every day!  –Liz B.


“I must say… I have both black and white… best shirt EVER…wear with tights or skinny leg pants…so slimming and classy.”   –Joey W.

For more inspiration, check out our Looks We Love Dressing Made Easy  page at Stella Carakasi

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