Amazing Women

by Stella Carakasi January 01, 2018 1 min read

Our Amazing Women Campaign aims to highlight the ambition and heart of the women we dress. We strive to bring together and support women of diverse backgrounds and career paths and we hope to inspire confidence through creativity, positivity, and drive. Here's to clothing with a purpose, and here's to women supporting women.

—Stella Carakasi

From the Designer

I have had the pleasure to meet and work with a lot of amazing women throughout my career as a clothing designer in the past 25 years.

These women continue to inspire me on my path! Listening to their needs allows me to create distinct collections that keep their real bodies in mind. Every so often we meet people that truly take our breath away.

This season's women behind the label, including you...we want to hear how you wear your Stella Carakasi. Join us on social media and add the hashtag #StellaCarakasiAmazingWomen to your posts and photos.

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